Typing programs

>>> Rosemary Gabel 3/19/2007 2:27 PM >>>
Hi, Peggy… we have a sub teacher here today who said you had a great typing program at Miller..
Could you please tell me what it is, or give me a website about it?  I’ve been looking for one that explains the coordination of keys and fingers a lot better than what we have..   MaNY thanks..  R
>>> Peggy Cisneros 03/20/07 11:35 AM >>>
Hi Rosemary
I have 2 programs. We use “Animated Beginning Typing” first as an introduction to finger/key placement. Pretty fun.
It’s by Flix Productions- www.flixprod.com/typing.html
Then after going through all the letter keys we switch to “Typing Tutor 10” which has cool music options, lessons w/finger picture guides, practice out of real text, games. That one is by Knowledge Adventure company. It monitors each student & their progress- they login & I can print out reports for classes or students for teachers to show their progress. As much as we all love the program, I have got an issue w/it. Doesn’t seem to have uniformity of use. Meaning some kids get moved to the next lesson before they’ve mastered their goal & others who do get to goal or higher can’t get moved. I understand it’s an older version.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to contact company for answers. The website is www.typingtutor.com but is blocked site through district. Phone # I’m using is 1-800-871-2969.  What do you use?
I tried the beginning one. and frankly thought it was horrible! There’s no picture of the right finger actually on the right key.  Try this one and see what you think..   you can download the Typing Pal Garfield demo  from


Since one of the purposes of this blog is to let off steam.. allow me today. One of my pet peeves is the teacher who has learned just enough about a program to teach it to their students INcorrectly!

Then, when I’m helping the student, and try to show them how they should do it correctly, I hear “but teacher said do it this way.” Then, if I ask the teacher why they do it this way, they get really p eeved at me.. for being ? subversive?.. I know the teachers are one level down from God… but you’d think they’d be open to learning! AM I the only one who has this trouble? Do I need counseling?? or tact training?? Maybe.

I also believe that Lab time should be spent teaching the kids how to use the tools correctly, NOT on curriculum content! I know it seems to be a race to get

Internet Explorer or FireFox?

With the problems the District is having with IE 7. I believe it is a good time to introduce the use of Firefox.

Fact: Internet Explorer has many problems, constantly being fixed with patches from Microsoft. It is vulnerable to hacker attacks, spam, etc..

Fact: Firefox doesn’t seem to have anywhere near the number of problems. Not ALL sites are designed for it’s use.
Fact: They are both “browsers”.. only a program which is a tool to see Web pages. I haven’t found ANY site that we use at school that doesn’t show well in Firefox.
Conclusion: Let’s USE the better one!

Go to http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

Download it and try it. The only difference is that it uses “tabs” to hold several different pages open at once. That is easy to teach.

Put the new icon on your desktop.. and when you can put it on all the computers in your lab. Then we don’t have to constantly stop Windows trying to update I E.


It’s really simple.

ANyone can just comment by clicking “No comments” below the post.

Thanks to Karen: Better instructions to make your own postings.

First go to: http://edublogs.org. Don’t type it.. Copy and paste!
In the right column, join up with your own edublog Title, choose a user name and password. You don’t have to use it, but it’s good practice.
2) Send me an email on Groupwise, tell me your user name.. then I add it to the “authors” list!

This enables the blog to be kept relevant to just our District.

If you’d like to open it to Computer Techs everywhere, it can be done.


Two useful bits of information for all of us. Tom G. has scheduled our meeting on Dec. 8 Friday with a morning session and an afternoon session, since some of us are part-timers.

Subject of meeting: Gaggle Net..

Other item: I have just become the CSEA representative for computer lab technicians and Instructional Assistants on the Negotiating Team, which is beginning preliminaries (the SAME day) for wages and benefits. If you have some input you wish to be considered, PLEASE let me know, by Groupwise email, phone, meeting or donkey! I just finished two intensive training days in Interest Based Bargaining… a method which is proven to be effective in establishing a good working relationship between the District and CSEA. I hope I can represent you well.

School Year 2006

Time to archive last year, and start blogging for this one. Even try a new banner graphic..
I know it’s not August.. but October is when we finally catch our breath and have some time to think!

Welcome to Tom Georgii, out Teacher on Special Assignment for Technology Staff Development. He promises to organize a meeting for us soon. Any ideas as to what you want to find out about? We had a great meeting last year on the SBCEO Portal tools. (Check out the May  Meeting Entry.. Lots of information)

In November we will moving our lab to a new building on site! I’m a bit worried about it, because the building now is not set up for a good lab environment, and I’m told the new room will be the same, because it comes “prewired”? Just seems there is no communication about a better way to do it, before it’s put in the blueprints. We presently have the computers all around the perimeter of the room, instead of all facing a screen or whiteboard for demonstrations.

I think I may try a different method next week, and see if it works.. We have all those computers capable of being controlled by “Synchroneyes”, so instead of using the screen, the old way.. I could lock the control of all the computers, and have the students look at their OWN monitors, while I demonstrate! Wow, it might work BETTER!! I’ll report later.

I hope more of you join this “conversation” this year. One way doesn’t accomplish much.